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About Us

We started as a group of friends who wanted to bring a better squad experience through communication and teamwork. We are a casual new player community who loves to play squad and have fun together. Whether you are a brand new player or have hit the 1000+ hour club, everyone is welcome as long as you want to have fun or get involved with our scrims and events.

Ways to get a whitelist (reserved slot) on our server and skip the queue:

We host 4 servers:

Server Rules

Please make sure you follow our server rules when playing on the server. This will ensure fair play to everyone and help us build a community based on teamwork and respect.

The Corrupted General Rules

  1. No hate speech, racism, sexism, or personal attacks what so ever. Our server runs on an absolute 0 policy. If we notice this behaviour in chat, including voice chat, we will act appropiately. This includes offensive player or squad names.
  2. Do not open a squad if you don't intend to lead it. Don't make a squad only to give someone else lead. If we notice you have it'll result in a kick.
  3. No locked squads with 5 or less people, unless you're a specialised squad like Logistics, heli, mortar, scout or FOB hunters. You must have at least 6 players to lock your infantry squad unless you are a running specialised squad such as logistics, heli, mortar, scout or FOB hunters.
  4. Mic spamming is prohibited during staging phase. Spamming audio over comms and disrupting the staging phase will be first warned for, then punished. Allow the squad leaders make a plan in command chat without disruption.
  5. Do not destroy/kill vehicles that just left the main protection zone or place mines within 300m of the enemies main base. Unless when your active objective is within this radius you may move closer. Please keep a reasonable distance from main, Admins may use their discretion.
  6. Do not grief / troll / ghost / waste assests. Do not share any form of information with the enemy team, this includes ticket counts. Do not intentionally abandon friendly vehicles in the middle of nowhere, or to enemies. Do not ignore active objectives.

The Corrupted Vehicle Rules

  1. Vehicle Claiming- The first person to create a specific vehicle squad in staging gets first claim, once that vehicle has been destroyed, the queue system applies. During staging phase, the first squad to name their squad the vehicle, gets it. As soon as the first vehicle gets destroyed, we adopt a queue system. This means the first squad in line receives the vehicle.
  2. All vehicles requiring the crewman kit need to be 2 manned. Do not take any armoured vehicle, that requieres a crewman kit, without a gunner. The only exception we allow for one manning any armoured vehicle is when RTB. Infantry squads are not allowed to take the Main Battle Tank.
  3. Only one armour per squad. Please be considerate and share the armour around with the other squads.

The Corrupted Seeding Rules

  1. Seeding rules apply when the server is less than 20v20. This excludes AFK seeders. As soon as we have 20 active people on each team we will go live.
  2. Fight only over the middle objective. Do not get too close to the enemy flag. Do not cross the red lines marked on map.
  3. Do not build HABs on or near the middle objective. Do not place any FOB or HAB within 150m of the middle cap.
  4. FOB hunting and spawn camping HABs are not allowed. Please give people a chance to leave their HAB so they can fight on the middle objective.

Admins may use discretion where necessary.
If you need to appeal a ban, please join our discord and message the @CI Main Bot#9845.

To report problems/Admin abuse with a specific server, players can email with the following details:

Or alternatively/and you can fill out a Server/Admin Abuse Report.

Join CI

What we look for:

Becoming a recruit:

  1. We recommend you have a minimum of 5 hours play time on one of our servers and are familiar of our community values before applying to become a recruit.
  2. Click on the #join-ci channel.
  3. React with the :crossed_swords: emoji to the bot message below start the recruitment process.
  4. A channel will be made where one of our @Recruitment Team will contact you.



We host weekly events such as scripted events, new game modes, mod play throughs such as new factions or maps and one life events! We make our mods on the SDK meaning that anything is possible!
If you would like to host your own event feel free to message the @Event Management to find out more! We would love to see what you can think of.
See our current event in #event-sign-ups