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About Us

Corrupted Infantry was started by a group of friends that wanted to bring a better squad experience through communication and teamwork. We are a casual new player community who love to play squad and have fun together. Whether you are a brand new player or have hit the 1000+ hour club, everyone is welcome as long want to have fun or get involved.

What we offer:

We host 2 servers:

Server Rules

Please make sure you follow our server rules when playing on our server. This will ensure fair play to everyone and help us build a community based on teamwork and respect.

1.Help others, be friendly, stay calm and have fun.
2.No hate speech, racism, sexism, or personal attacks of any kind / direct personal attacks towards players.
3.Squad leaders must have the appropriate kit and use their mic to communicate.
4.Do not teamkill or intentionally wound a friendly player. If it was an accident apologize in ALL chat.
5.All vehicles requiring the crewman kit need to be 2 manned (unless RTB).
6.No locked 1 man squads (except logistics or scouting).
7.Vehicle Claiming- This is run on a first come first serve basis at the start of the game then a queue system after that point. (make sure you communicate with others waiting for vehicles so no unnecessary argument arise)
8.Do not open a squad in the beginning of the round if you do not intend to lead it.
9.Infantry squads cannot take Main Battle Tanks (MBT).

Seeding Rules:

1.Seeding rules apply when the server is less than 20v20.
2.Fight only over the middle objective(s).
3.Do not build FOBs/HABs on or near the middle objective (150m minimum).
4.Do not use emplacements during seeding (mortars, HMGs, TOWs).
5.FOB hunting or digging up enemy HABs or radios is not allowed during seeding.

Admins may use discretion where necessary.
If you need to appeal a ban, please join our discord and message the @Admin Support Bot.

To report problems/Admin abuse with a specific server, players can email with the following details:

Or alternatively/and you can fill out a Server/Admin Abuse Report.

Clan Team

Corrupted Infantry host friendly scrims for all players to take part in no matter their ability, the aim of this is to meet new people, have fun together and grow as a community. If you are interested playing in these react to the role react post in the welcome chat to gain the [CI] Member role and receive notifications when these scrims are released.

We run a competitive team for squad, of which we will be playing both friendly and competitive matches. We are looking for experience players as well as people who want to enhance and get better within Squad itself. With this we expect everyone to give it their all as well helping everyone grow better together. If you join we ask you to participate in feedback regarding our matches as well as get involved with training sessions, we are not all experts but as a team we can grow stronger.

For the tournaments they are 36 people per team, this means we will have extra players as we understand that not everyone will be able to make each game. We encourage everyone to apply for the competitive team or put suggestions forward of good players and friends. (Please don't feel bad if they do not make the cut as it wont affect their future chances).

If you have any questions about things please don't hesitate to ask by messaging a @Clan Team Leads on the discord.

If you would like to apply to join the competitive team please fill out this form:


We host weekly events such as scripted events, new game modes, mod play throughs such as new factions or maps and one life events! We make our on mods on the SDK meaning that anything is possible! If you are interested in playing in high quality events sign up using the link below. If you are interested in hosting your own event feel free to message the @Event Admin Leads to find out more! We would love to see what you can think of.